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MobilityMinded aims to be(come) a true strategic partner in mobility for end-users, manufacturers, providers and developers, but foremost to the readers and contributers to the MobilityMinded website. The MobilityMinded focus will be on Views, News & Reviews in an interactive community setting. [Read more]

Johan van Mierlo

Johan has been Johan Profile 400involved in the online communities since the launch of the handheld computer Palm IIIe in 1998. He is active on many English and Dutch forums that focus on handheld computers. From the beginning, Johan began writing articles and reviewing products for two major Web sites: Pocketinfo.nl and BostonPocketpc.com when he switched to his iPaq 3650. He was on the board of Pocketinfo.nl for four years and helped the Web site become one of the largest online communities in Europe.

Johan has since developed an influential network with other online community leaders and the manufacturers’ representatives in the mobility arena. He owned and tested many devices including Windows Mobile, Palm, Symbian and many different GPS products. Johan still contributes to BostonPocketPC.com and now has his blog MobilityMinded.com with his other partners. He still occasionally publishes articles on other related blogs and Web sites.

Johan was awarded MVP Windows Mobile Devices by Microsoft for his community activities in 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013. Johan can be found on many discussion forums using the monker “van_mierlo”. His profile can be found at: Microsoft MVP Site. You can follow Johan twitter as well (@johanvanmierlo)

Guest Contributors

Mark Briggeman

staff-picture_150pxMark started his “Mobile Career” with a HP 95LX, the first MSDOS Palmtop PC from HP back in 1991. After this Palmtop many devices have followed until his first Windows CE-based PocketPC came around the corner: The Compaq Aero 2130.

After this Mark joined Pocketinfo.nl where he after a short time got promoted from moderator to super moderator, forum administrator and finally Community Leader. During that time,  devices were quickly replaced by newer or faster versions and Mark wrote several articles and reviews about the latest Windows Mobile Devices and mobile products.

He always tries to finds ways to use technology or Mobile Products to help him with his daily tasks. Mark is employed as a network/system engineer where he uses all his knowledge to help companies with their complex issues. When he has some free time, you will mostly find him riding the trails on his mountainbike in several countries in Europe.

Mark was also awarded MVP Windows Mobile Devices 2009 , 2010 and 2011 by Microsoft for his community activities for the last years. Mark can be found on many discussion forums using the monker “nomad” or “Mark Briggeman”. His profile can be found at: Microsoft MVP Site.

Remo Knops

remoknops_150px1The interest for “high-tech” products goes back to 1987, when Remo got his first own personal computer:  the Acorn BBC Micro. From that time on there have always been computers and later laptops in his life, and it’s logical to extend that interest with the upcoming development of mobile phones. In 1997 he bought his first mobile phone: the Philips Diga.

The business Nokia-models 6210, 6310, 6310i quickly followed, the HP iPAQ 3970 is one of the PocketPC devices he really kept for a long time, resulting in the next logical step a converged device: i-mate JAM. In the HP iPAQ 3970 time Remo started reading on the Dutch PocketPC-Club, and with having the i-mate JAM he got more actively involved. In 2004 / 2005 the name changed into Pocketinfo.nl and Remo was invited to join the Moderator team.

With the promotion to super moderator and later guideline editor, the devices and software on them changed rapidly. One of the greatest milestones is the invitation in 2007 to the join the invite-only Mobius group. Next to helping-, interacting with- and learning from the Pocketinfo.nl community, Remo gets the opportunity to report from product launches and other “mobile-events”, while he is also involved in several beta-programs of leading developers on the Windows Mobile platform.

Already being a Mechanical Engineer, Remo is currently developing his master thesis in the field of Innovation & Entrepreneurship @ University of Twente, using a mobile device as an extension of his Lenovo X60 tablet.  In his free time you might catch him riding on his road bike.

Paul Willen

paul_willen_150pxPaul is the youngster of the team. He has been interested in Technology since he can remember. His mobile career became “serious” with a programmable calculator: The Texas Instruments TI-83. In that time as a young developer he developed all kind of applications for his calculator.

His first mobile phone was a Mitshubishi Galaxy and after that the first Orange SPV running Microsoft Smartphone 2002. Only a few days after buying this device he joined the Dutch Pocketpc-club and Smartphone-club which later became Pocketinfo.nl.

Since then he has been writing articles and reviews about both software and hardware mainly for Pocketinfo and he has been helping Pocketinfo members with their problems. He was asked to join the Pocketinfo Moderator team, which is a task he still executes with great fun.

Paul is employed as an .NET Application Developer with a focus on Sharepoint.

Matthijs van Mierlo

Matthijs is the teenager of the team. Matthijs has been using mobile devices since his Dad had many of these around to play with. Since 2008 he has a Windows Phone. The current phone he uses is the Nokia Lumia 920 and has his eye on the Nokia Lumia 1020. Other phones he has used are the Nokia Lumia 900, HTC S710, Motorola Q9h, Samsung Omnia, Samsung Propel Pro, Pantech Matrix Pro, LG Expo  He also has an iTouch, PSP, HP Tablet PC, XBOX 360 and an iPad.

Matthijs attends Hopkins School in New Haven CT.