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Since extensive- and thorough reviewing is one of MobilityMinded’s core competences, you might have a product, application or service you would like a mobilityminded team member to review.

Product submission process

  1. First, contact the mobilityminded core-team via the contact form on the website.
  2. Once your email has been received the mobilityminded core-team will consider whether your product is one that will fit within scope mobilityminded.com. Your email will then be forwarded to the team or to a specific reviewer if your product is their expertise.
  3. Once your product has been approved, you will be supplied with a shipping address; The appropriate team-member or reviewer may contact you for additional information.
  4. If your product is software, then you can either ship a retail package to the address supplied or you can provide download and registration details.
  5. If you just happen to have one of our physical addresses (perhaps because we have previously done a review for you), and you send a product without prior approval, then please understand that there will be no guarantees your product will be reviewed.

Some rules of the game

  • When you send a review item, you are acknowledging that mobilityminded.com will be writing an unbiased review of your product. We do not “sell reviews”, and you can not buy a positive review with advertising.
  • The review is property of mobilityminded.com although quoting of the review for your own site or marketing purposes is permitted so long as the site is given credit for the quote.
  • We publish both positive and negative reviews; we will not ‘neglect to mention’ a product just because we didn’t like it. We are writing from a consumer’s perspective, so if your product is good, we want to let people know about it. If your product does not perform as billed, we want to let people know about that as well.
  • Manufacturer, Developer, and Supplier comments are welcome and encouraged in the comments section. However, the actual review text is always going to be the reviewer’s own.
  • You will not be given the chance to “approve” the review prior to publication, nor will you be given editorial authority of any kind.
  • You will be contacted if the item appears to be defective; as it is only fair that a working item be reviewed.
  • Mobilityminded.com will not review vaporware or non-released hardware and software. While we will be happy to talk about your future product in a “news”- or “views”-entry or even a specifically tagged preview post, it is not fair to the readers to publish an “official” review for an unavailable item.
  • Items sent will be used during the review process. For this reason we generally do not return review items provided.
  • The following may occur with items which do not require a return:
    –     Item may be kept by the reviewer for further use and long term testing
    –     Item may be given away in a contest on mobilityminded.com
    –     Item may be given away at the reviewer’s discretion to family, friends, other reviewers, etc.
    –     Items will never be sold, but they may be traded (i.e. –  gadget-swap situation with another reviewer on mobilityminded.com or elsewhere)
  • If product return is necessary, then it is the vendor’s responsibility to include a postage paid return label with tracking.
  • You may be given a tentative date upon which the review will appear, we strive for 2 – 4 weeks after receipt of the item, but that is not always possible. We need time to actually discover all of the ins and outs of your product; our reviews do not regurgitate press releases, and these reviews may involve multiple installments and/or video. Actual publish dates will depend upon the complexity of the review item and the existing size of the mobilityminded team member’s review queue.
  • A link to the manufacturer’s site and a link to the product supplier’s site will be included in the review, along with MSRP and wrap-up comments. If there is a particular retailer that you would like linked, we would be happy to accommodate your wishes.

Examples of mobilityminded-reviews

We know that there are lots of review sites on the web and we appreciate you spending time on ours!

Awards & Honors

Members of the mobilityminded core-team have received different awards and honors for their work and contributions to various projects in the mobile industry.



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